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Financial Quick Scan

Financial Quick Scan
What are the financial impacts of COVID-19 on your company? 

Blu Capital Partners offers financial quick scan services for the assessment in order to show the impact of COVID-19 on the financial situation of your company and recommendations regarding financing and restructuring.​

  • Analysis of historical and forecasted performance (profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow)​

  • Analysis of working capital and liquidity

  • Sensitivity analysis around working capital and financing scenarios​

  • Review of loan documentation (covenants) and security package (coverage)​

  • Analysis of operational & financial leases​

  • Conclusions and recommendations (improvements & alternatives)​

Financial Quick Scan – Key Considerations

COVID-19 has left many companies and investors worldwide in vulnerable positions. Companies face challenges to recover and reposition themselves. ​

Given the COVID-19 outbreak, companies should prepare for this new challenging environment notably in relation to their credits. Breaches of financial covenants can allow lenders to declare a default as per loan documents and demand early repayment of loans. Lenders could impose drawstops where borrowers would not have access to their financing facilities.​

Companies should examine closely their credit documentation to review, among others, any financial and non-financial covenants, repayment obligations and cure possibilities. ​

Companies may also need to assess their capacity to draw existing loan facilities, refinance or access alternative sources of funding. ​


Through the quick scan, we will analyze and propose alternatives to the existing financing facilities.​

Blu CP can propose improved arrangements with your creditors, request extension of loan facilities, propose to sell non-core assets, find alternative financing (equity and/or debt), in order to sanitize your balance sheet.​

Our team composed of seasoned finance professionals is working with different companies on similar processes. However, we tailor our solutions based on the industry, the peers’ situation and the company’s financials.​

If you'd like to discuss, please reach out to our principals Tudor Mafteianu or Zein Magazachi for an introductory call or video conference.​

Talk to our principals
Blu CP's principals not only financiers but also entrepreneurs, and have the skills and experience to deliver sharp business valuations. If you'd like to discuss, please reach out to our principals Tudor Mafteianu.

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Managing Director

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