By using Technology and Financial Expertise we provide differentiated working capital solutions to our clients.

We are a Technology Enabled Provider of Supply Chain Financing, creating new and innovative solutions for our client's balance sheet.

We focus on structured Supply Chain Finance, Working Capital Optimization and Sales Financing for both investment grade and non-investment grade financing.

Using State of the Art Technology and a Sophisticated Investment Structure we give to our investors access to a versatile range of investment products by either investing in single invoices, customized notes or a specialized debt fund.

Receivables Finance: by discounting their receivables corporates are able to accelerate cash flow and reallocate capital to support operational and strategic objectives.

Payables Finance: these solutions allow our customers to extend funding to their suppliers through the discount of their own receivables and enable buyers to extend payment terms, unlocking WC.

Out Asset Origination Capacity and Investment Categories are divided into Securitized Products and Non-Securitized Products. 

We provide a broad range of  services in order which are designed to provide high added-value and support to our customers.

Supply Chain Finance

What We Do

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